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National Exchange

CAMDAX (Cambodia Digital Asset Exchange) is a national Virtual Currency exchange to be authorized and regulated in Cambodia where global investors can buy, sell or exchange virtual currencies and commodities for other virtual currency or fiat currencies like US dollars. CAMDAX is a private company at national level which reports directly to Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC).
CAMDAX offers a high liquidity exchange, allowing users to easily exchange the most popular Virtual Currency against USD and local currency with minimum slippage and live 7x24 running with T + 0 and an automatic mapping pool a transparent, open and fair platform, backed by technological and operational expertise.
As the Cambodia government does not impose a foreign exchange control, investors can use USD and RMB for settlement. Furthermore, the Cambodian dollar KEMR can be freely exchanged to USD making virtual currency exchange in CAMDAX more convenient.
An Exchange Member of CAMDAX can hold at least one license in the Digital Asset Exchange. All new Trading Rights are issued by the exchange and are non-transferable.

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